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Tiki Farmマグストック品です!
Tiki Farmのマグは在庫が無くなりますと、ほぼ再入荷できません。

Tiki Pop Mug The newest addition to our Sven Kirsten Kollection, Tiki Pop celebrates the world premier of Sven Kirsten’s newest publication, “Tiki Pop”!
The mug was inspired by the menu cover of the long- since closed Mai Tai Room in San Diego.
The mug is hand glazed and hand wiped so no two will be the same, each with it's one unique "character"... character meaning a "little extra glaze here" and a "little less glaze here".
The mug measures 8” in height and has a 12 oz. capacity.
The book can be purchased at your local bookseller or online

The Book Of Tikiの著者、Sven Kirstenの新作、 「Tiki Pop」出版に伴ってリリース!!

Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Set-Open Edition

This brand new, open edition, new color variation of our sold-out, limited edition set is part of what we’re calling our “you asked, we listened” launch! “Da Kanta” measures 9” in height and holds 18 oz. and the Rum Tosser mugs measure 7” in height and hold 18 oz. each. The hand painted resin Tiki bar measures 6 ¼” long x 3 ¼” high. The Tiki bar has an open back to house your cocktail picks, napkins, coasters, etc. What a great set for sharing your favorite special concoction with a friend! Designed by The Pizz.

Tiki FarmからリリースのTiki Mugセット「Rum Tosser's Happy Hour Set」です。


ロウブローアーティストThe PIZZデザイン!

Tiki Bar・マグコーナーのアクセントとしては、存在感がありすぎですが、レアアイテム化は必至です。

サイズ/ マグ高さ:約18cm,デカンター高さ:約23cm, バーカウンター高さ:8.5cm

The Connoisseur

For over a decade now, If you’re familiar with our Flounder collaborations,
then you know that Flounder’s designs can tend to be a bit “out there” and always fun!
Well, the Connoisseur is no exception.
This crazy-eyed, tongue-wagging Tiki finds himself emerging out of a barrel of rum in a state of what appears to be rum-induced bliss!
Glazed in new iron brown oxide matte glaze,
the Connoisseur isn’t playing around when it comes to capacity – 20 oz. to be exact.
The Connoisseur measures 6 ¼” in height

10年以上に渡り、Aqua Tiki ,Haka'iki,Rum Belly,Bone Collector, The Trophy など、
多数の作品をTiki Farmからリリースしてきたアーティスト、Flounder=Scott Scheidlyの新作マグThe Connoisseurです。


Top Banana
Manufactured by Tiki Farm
Designed by THOR
Produced in 2014
This is a mug shaped like a standing monkey with a banana crown and a kingly robe.
His hands are positioned to hold a "scepter" that can be made with a toothpick and choice of garnish.
Multicolored glaze.

Jivaro Shrunken Head等、トラディショナルなマグを手がけたTHORデザイン!

Body Glove Set of All 3 Mugs

Body Glove 60th Anniversary Tiki, Body Glove Sea Creature, Body Glove Shark Tiki,

Created for Tiki Farm by Brad Parker (aka “Tiki Shark”) and is part of Tiki Farm collaboration with world famous Body Glove!!!

Body Glove Sea Creature

The “Body Glove Sea Creature” mug was created for Tiki Farm by Brad Parker (aka “Tiki Shark”) and is part of our collaboration with world famous Body Glove, celebrating their 60th Anniversary 2013.
This highly intricate and massive design is glazed in wiped green to best accentuate the detailing.
It also features the name of the award winning short film created by Body Glove along the base, “The Disappearance”.

Measuring 9” in height and holding a lofty 26 oz.,

Edition of 1500

2013年、Tiki Farmからリリースされたのは、何と「Body Glove」の設立60周年記念マグ!!

こちらは3種のうちの一体「Body Glove Sea Creature」です。

ボディ・グローヴ製作のショートフィルム作品 "The Disappearance" (by Greg Browning)にインスパイアされたデザイン!

足の間にはスカル、Body Gloveロゴ・マーク、The Disappearanceロゴと盛りだくさんの装飾!!


Body Glove 60th Anniversary Tiki

The last in Tiki Farm series of Tiki Shark designed mugs commemorating the wonderful Body Glove Corporation,
this wild-eyed fellow sports a skull on his noggin and on the reverse the 60 years is commemorated plus there’s an excellent cutaway of a surfer… tons of detail here.
Measuring 7 ½” in height, the Body Glove 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug holds 13 oz.

Edition of 1000

「Body Glove」の設立60周年記念マグ、3種のうちの一体「Body Glove 60th Anniversary Tiki」です。

トラディショナルなKUをモチーフに、額にスカル、サーファー・カッタウェイ、60周年ロゴ、Body Gloveロゴ・マークと盛りだくさんの装飾!!

Body Glove Shark Tiki

This 3-eyed, shark toothed, skull holding Tiki mug is done up in a brown wiped glaze
and features 2 sharks flanking it on the reverse along with an important mission statement by Body Glove “Protect the Core”.
Measuring 7 ½” in height, the Shark Tiki Mug holds 10 oz.

Edition of 1000

こちらは3種のうちの一体「Body Glove Shark Tiki」です。


バックには、2匹の鮫(ボブ&ビル・マイストレル??)、Body Gloveロゴ・マーク、スローガンの“Protect the Core”ロゴとインパクトのあるデザイン!!
ハワイ50周年マグ、Digga Digga Doo, Local Boy 等、多数の人気マグを手がけてきた「Brad Parker」デザインは、やはりツボを押さえています!


“KuKu” is one of 3 latest designs from long time Tiki Farm contributing artist,
the lowbrow legend himself, … Tom “Big Toe” Laura!

BigToe double-ended, 2-toned mugs!
Could that be due to the increased rum intake?
this is the Hawiian-inspired mug, "KuKu".

they’re behemoths!
Each one weighs in at approximately 2 lbs!
KuKu holds 20 oz. and measures 7 3/8” in height.

ロウブロー・レジェンド「Big Toe」デザインによる、ダブル・エンドマグ3種のうちのひとつ「KuKu」です。

Ukulolo, Crazy Niho, Frankie'sのLava Letch 2等にも通じる、いかにもBig Toeといった独特のセンス、




“MarqMarq” is Tom’s wiley-eyed Marquesan creation by the lowbrow legend himself, … Tom “Big Toe” Laura!

BigToe double-ended, 2-toned mugs!
Could that be due to the increased rum intake?
This is a mug with a Marquesan inspired Tiki head on each end.
The top head has two rows of gap-toothed teeth.
The bottom face is smaller, upside down, and mirrors the top face but with only a top row of teeth exposed.

Blue glaze.
Also measuring 7 3/8” in height, MarqMarq is the biggest of the group with a 22 oz. capacity.



Tiki Farmならではのずっしりとした重量感もそのまま、樽型のシルエットにブルー・ベースの2トーンカラー、上下のWフェイスというトーテムスタイルの珍しいデザイン




“MoKo” is Tom’s first ever Maori inspired design with Tiki Farm and yes people, you are seeing DOUBLE!
by the lowbrow legend himself, … Tom “Big Toe” Laura!

Intricate Maori Moko (tattoo) detailing and a rich emerald glaze!
MoKo one handsome Tiki mug and at 7 3/8” in height and with a 18 oz. capacity.




このシリーズ3種の中では、2カラー展開されています。(ライト or ダークグリーン)




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